Independent Means Choice
As an independent financial planner in Kelowna for over 28 years I have a wide range of quality financial planning products and information, which are designed to save and make you money as safely and effectively as possible.

Flexible Options
These financial products are custom designed to meet your needs. They include, Pensions, R.S.P.s, R.R.I.F.s, Life Insurance, Term Deposits, R.E.S.P.s and Investment Funds.

Positioned to Respond
Being independent, means I can seek out the best financial planning products and information for your needs, now, and in the future.

Wealth of Experience
I have enjoyed studies in Pension Plans, Investment Funds, Accounting, Law, and all areas associated with well-rounded financial planning. My studies are always ongoing.

Professional and Personal
So instead of going to many different Banks or Insurance Companies that may have only one point of view, you can talk to one independent, experienced, objective advisor, about how to best improve your financial position.

James G. Gerwing I.F.I.C., L.U.A.T.C.

Independent Financial Planner

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