Segregated Investment Funds

From making sense of the daily headlines to managing ongoing life demands, it seems we’ve all got plenty of things to worry about. And, if you’re like most Canadians, your financial future is one of those things.

Segregated funds, a unique investing option available through Financial Planers, are designed to help you worry less. They deliver all the value of a straightforward mutual fund. But, unlike mutual funds, the amount of money that you invest is protected.

If you’re looking to grow and protect your money, here’s why you should consider segregated funds as part of your financial picture.


Protect your principal investment

You can invest in your future, while limiting the losses that may result from market downturns. You can even choose the guarantee level that is right for your financial situation and that brings the most comfort to you.

With segregated funds, 75% or 100% of the money you invest* can be guaranteed when your investment matures (the “maturity benefit guarantee”) or when you die (the “death benefit guarantee”). And that holds true, no matter how much the markets underperform.


Grow your money

Protecting a percentage of your investment is only half of the equation. Segregated funds also bring an opportunity to build your wealth.

Just like mutual funds, they are designed and managed by professional fund managers who are working to capitalize on market growth. If you choose the 100% death and maturity guarantee level, the automatic reset feature will also allow you to lock in market gains, by guaranteeing your investment at the new, higher value.


Increase the value of your estate

Whenever and however, you invest, it’s important to consider what happens to your money, if the unexpected happens. You want to ensure that it can be passed to family members or a desired charity in the most timely, straightforward and cost-effective way.

By naming a beneficiary, your funds will be treated as a life insurance claim, meaning that:

    • Your beneficiary will receive either the guaranteed amount or the market value of     your investment – whichever is greater.
    • Less of your investment will go to the government – and more will go to your     beneficiaries – as your funds are not part of the estate-settlement process.
    • The privacy of your estate will be protected, as funds will bypass the
    often-lengthy probate period (i.e., the process of authenticating a will) and go     directly to beneficiaries.


Gain protection for your business

If you’re a business owner or a self-employed professional, segregated funds can provide an added layer of security – helping you separate your personal savings from your professional liabilities.

Naming a specific type of beneficiary, like a spouse or a child, for example, gives your investment potential protection from creditors in the case of bankruptcy or litigation. So, when it comes to accessing the money, your family – prioritized over any claims made by creditors – gets the money quickly and securely.


Ready to include segregated funds in your portfolio?

Whether it benefits your retirement or benefits your loved ones, and whether you’re new to investing or you’re a seasoned pro, it never hurts to have an “insurance policy” for your money.


*Maturity and death benefit guarantees are not available upon surrender of the segregated fund policy and are proportionally reduced by any withdrawals from or investment transfer out of the segregated fund. Subject to any applicable death and maturity guarantee, any part of the premium or other amount that is allocated to a segregated fund is invested at the risk of the policyholder and may increase or decrease in value.


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