Term Life Insurance

Protection for the ones you love
Term life insurance offers you peace of mind by providing low-cost protection for your family or your beneficiary in the event of your death. Coverage is for a specific amount of time - the term of the policy. The most common term policies are 10 years in length. With a term life insurance policy, you can get a large amount of coverage for a relatively low cost.

Why you need term life insurance
Term life insurance can be an important part of your comprehensive financial plan. Make sure you do not overlook the value of life insurance and how it adds to your family's financial security.

You can use a term life insurance policy for many things, including:

• Income replacement to maintain your family's lifestyle
• Provision of childcare and education expenses
• Pay off your Mortgage
• Payment of taxes owed on your assets upon your death
• Protection for a co-owned business

Term life insurance complements your overall financial plan and gives you the security and confidence required for your peace of mind.

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